Content Available to AGC Members

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Organisations represented by AGC members are entitled to access the AGC Members' Centre which contains the following:

Contains presentations made by AGC staff to industry forums and gambling conferences as well as presentations made available by other authors.

AGC Publications:
Periodically the AGC will release discussion and information papers about gambling research or policy for member information.

Industry Reviews and Inquiries:
The AGC provides links to major government reviews and inquiries, findings and reports regarding the gambling industry
for members.

The AGC provides email updates and newsletters to members.  

Legislative Changes/Amendments:
Members can access an archive of regulatory information pertaining to gambling.

Research Updates and Status:
As Australian gambling research (and some international research) is added to the AGC's website it is summarised and added to this section for member information.  Research Updates are also sent periodically to members.

Political Events:
The section contains an archive of material and media releases related to gambling throughout Australasia.