The new Victorian state-wide pre-commitment scheme for gaming machines: YourPlay

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YourPlay is a free personal gaming card that gives players the power to track their play at any gaming machine in Victoria.

Players can use YourPlay to:

  • track the amount of money and time they spend on gaming machines
  • set their own money and time limits if they choose to
  • set personalised reminder messages
  • access their playing activity information at any time, in a venue or online.

YourPlay is an important tool to help encourage a culture of responsible gambling in Victoria.  

To sign up or to find out more about YourPlay, visit

The new Victorian state-wide pre-commitment scheme for gaming machines: YourPlay

Victorians can now track their betting on gaming machines in an Australian-first state-wide scheme. YourPlay can empower players to make informed decisions about their gaming machine play and assist them to stay in control.

Players can sign up for a free card that enables them to set their own limits, set personalised reminder messages and track how much time and money they are spending on gaming machines.

They can alternatively pick up a casual card in any venue, insert it into the gaming machine and start tracking their play straight away, without providing staff with any personal details.

YourPlay allows players who use the scheme to track the time and money they spend at any gaming machine across Victoria, as they play.

YourPlay periodically displays updates on the time and money players are spending on the gaming machine screen. The voluntary system also alerts those players who have set limits when they are approaching their limits, and stops gaming machine play when a limit is reached. This provides players with a break in play to consider whether they want to stick to their limits and stop playing or to continue playing beyond their limits.

YourPlay continues to track any play beyond a player’s set limits, if they choose to continue to play, so players need to leave their card in the gaming machine at all times while they are playing for more accurate information about their spending and playing behaviour.

YourPlay provides players with an annual activity statement of their spending on gaming machines. Players can also access their playing activity information at any time - in a venue, online or over the phone.

A YourPlay card can be used on any gaming machine in the state and YourPlay can be added to any gaming loyalty cards used by players at venues or the casino.

To sign up or to find out more about YourPlay visit

For more information visit or contact