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This section contains select links to media releases on issues related to gambling and gaming from around the globe.

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Consumer Protection in EU Online Gambling Regulation: Review of the Implementation of Selected Provisions of European Union Commission Recommendation 2014/4787/EU across EU States

This review evaluated the extent to which the online consumer protection principles recommended by the EU Commission were adopted by EU member states. The underlying objective was to see whether the recommendation was sufficiently influential to encourage greater regulatory convergence and a high level of consumer protection across the EU.

Declaration of Gambling Regulators on their Concerns Related to the Blurring of Lines Between Gambling and Gaming

This Declaration was discussed at the annual meeting 2018 of the Gambling Regulators European Forum. There is increasing concern about the blurring of lines between gambling and other forms of digital entertainment such as video gaming. Concerns have been raised relating to skin betting, loot boxes, social casino gaming and gambling themed content in video games available to children.