Responsible Gambling Awareness Week - Victoria and NSW 2017

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Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW) will take place between 23 and 29 October in both Victoria and New South Wales.

RGAW is a time to reflect on what healthy gambling behaviours are and encourage everyone to consider their gambling - to keep it well played and to keep limits in mind.

Throughout the week information and events will be held in both states:

You can find out more about Victorian events - including handy tips and information - here

If you're in NSW please read more  here 

Whatever your limits are, RGAW is a great time to keep them in mind

 During RGAW in NSW, young people are being invited to learn about the need to keep their limits in mind when having a bet through a series of social media posts. Gambling Help services will also be running community-based events such as barbecues, morning teas, meetings and forums to raise awareness of the need to gamble responsibly.
If you’re interested in showing support for RGAW in your local NSW community, you can:

Gambling Help NSW is funded by the Responsible Gambling Fund, which supports initiatives that support responsible gambling and prevent and minimise the risk of problem gambling related harm in the community.