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NAGS 27th Annual Conference - Call for Papers

The National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) would like to welcome submissions for the 27th Annual NAGS Conference to be held at the Novotel Melbourne on Collins, Melbourne, from 22-24th November this year.  

The theme of this year's conference is ‘Big Data, Social Media, and Online developments: Changing paradigms & its implication'.

To learn more about the conference or find further information about the call for conference papers see the NAGS website

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation Prevention Partnership Program 2017-19

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has announced that applications for the Prevention Partnership Program 2017-19 are now open.  

Grants are available to community, not for profit organisations, social enterprise, local government or public health organisations to help reduce gambling related harm within local communities across Victoria.

More information is available at:

Online survey - young men, sports and betting

The Australian Gambling Research Centre  (AGRC) is conducting an online survey to develop a better understanding of the gambling attitudes and behaviours of young men who are regular participants and viewers of sports.

You are eligible to participate if you: 

  • are male
  • aged 18-35 years
  • live in Victoria

Following this link will take you to the AGRC website where you can learn more about/participate in the survey

GTA Responsible Gaming Machine Play Video Series

The Gaming Technologies Association (GTA) website features a series of online videos, including Gaming Machine Functions, how Gaming Machines work and the Probability of Winning – all aimed at encouraging the responsible playing of Gaming Machines.

National Association for Gambling Studies 26th Annual Conference 2016

The National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) Annual Conference is on again this year from 23-25 November 2016 at Cairns.  

The theme for the 26th NAGS conference is "Many Pathways: The diversity of gamblers and gambling behaviour".

Keynote speakers at this event include Professor Nerilee Hing and Professor David Hodgins.

Registrations remain open for the conference and more information  - including a conference program - is available at 

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2016 (NT) "Gambling? Go easy."

This week (24-30 October 2016)  is Responsible Gambling Awareness Week in the Northern Territory!  

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is held every year in the Northern Territory - and across Australia - to raise awareness of responsible gambling behaviour through informed choices and the adoption of harm minimiation strategies.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2016 (VIC) - 'Keep it in check, keep it well played'

Victoria's Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW) runs this week from 17 to 23 October 2016.  The theme of the week is  'keep it in check, keep it well played' and encourages discussion and awareness of tips and positive measures that can help keep gambling in balance.

You can read more responsible gambling tips here - or to learn more about the week and find out about the wide range of activites taking place throughout Victoria visit 

Talkward - a NSW Initiative that takes the awkwardness out of talking about problem gambling

Talkward is a new initiative of NSW Gambling Help.   Talkward recognises that talking to a friend or loved one about gambling problems can be awkward and provides free e-cards aimed at breaking the ice and initiating a conversation.

The Talkward program also recognises the key role family and friends play in encouraging people who may be experiencing problems with gambling to take the vital first steps towards recovery. 

To see how Talkward works, visit

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2016 (Qld) "Is gambling keeping you up at night"

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW) will be held in Queensland from 25 to 31 July 2016 with this year’s theme being 'Is gambling keeping you up at night?'

The aim of RGAW is to encourage gamblers to develop responsible gambling habits and to highlight the support available to anyone who feels they may have a problem with gambling.

Queenslanders can contact their local Gambling Help Services to find out how to become involved in RGAW activities in their area.

National Association for Gambling Studies 26th Annual Conference - Call for Posters and Papers

The 26th Annual Conference of the National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) is being held this year at The Hilton Hotel, Cairns from 23-25 November 2016.  

The theme of the conference is 'Many pathways: The diversity of gamblers and gambler behaviour'.

NAGS conference organisers are now calling for papers and posters.

To find out more about the NAGS conference or to download the Call for Papers document go to

MHFA: Helping someone with gambling problems

Gambling is an enjoyable recreational pursuit for many people. However, for some it can lead to significant harms.

Mental Health First Aid Australia (MHFA) and Melbourne University have developed guidelines for how a concerned family member, friend or member of the public can recognise the signs of gambling problems and support a person to change their gambling.

The guidelines are available from the website of Mental Health First Aid Australia

Chrysalis Insight - Free Yourself Program

Provided by Chrysalis Insight, Free Yourself is a 12 week program of encouragement, support and possibilities for those seeking help and support to cease gambling.  It differs from other approaches by combining social events, activities and education. 

Attendance in the program is free of charge.  

The new Victorian state-wide pre-commitment scheme for gaming machines: YourPlay

YourPlay is a free personal gaming card that gives players the power to track their play at any gaming machine in Victoria.

Players can use YourPlay to:

  • track the amount of money and time they spend on gaming machines
  • set their own money and time limits if they choose to
  • set personalised reminder messages
  • access their playing activity information at any time, in a venue or online.

YourPlay is an important tool to help encourage a culture of responsible gambling in Victoria.  

To sign up or to find out more about YourPlay, visit

A New Self-Help Program: GamblingLess. For Life

GamblingLess. For Life

Want to gamble less? And do it on your own?

Then the GamblingLess program may be for you!

Leading researchers from Deakin University, Turning Point, Statewide Gambling Therapy Service and the Australian National University are examining the effectiveness of a new and innovative free online self-help program for gambling.

To sign up or to find out more about GamblingLess, go online to or contact the team at 

National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) 25th Annual Conference 2015

The National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) 25th Annual Conference will be held 25-27 November in Adelaide at the Stamford Plaza, Adelaide.

The Final Conference Program is now available and features a range of presentations aligned with the conference theme 'More than just a game:  where gambing begins and ends'.