Gambling Education Australia

A number of gambling education programs have been designed and are in use throughout Australia.  The following section provides links to gambling education publications, educative resources and/or sites where Australian resources can be located.            

New South Wales

NSW Gambling Help: A Guide to Talking with Teens about Gambling and Classroom Resources

The NSW Gambling Help site  provides information for young people on gambling and how to get help.  The site includes a guide to Talking with Teenagers about Gambling as well as Classroom Resources.

Responsible Gambling

Developed by the NSW Government's Responsible Gambling Fund and the NSW Department of Education and Communities, this resource is designed to assist in teaching high school students about responsible gambling.  The resource is aligned with the NSW Government's Crossroads curriculum program aimed to help students learn about responsible behaviour in a range of contexts and is mandatory for Years 11 and 12 students in NSW.

South Australia

Gambling Education: Some Strategies for South Australian Schools

In 2002 a gambling education report was funded to examine the preventative strategies in schools at a state, national and international level and the opportunities for the development of gambling education initiatives in South Australian schools.

Many schools in South Australia now have programs to educate young people about gambling issues.

The 2002 report is accessible here.

Gambling is No Game

This site provides information about key actions underway in South Australia help keep young South Australians safe in the online world and reduce their exposure to simulated gambling games.  

The site includes tips for parents on cyber saftey for children - as well as information and research about young people, online activities and gambling.


Know Your Odds

Know Your Odds is designed to raise awareness of responsible gambling by educating young people on how gambling and games of chance work. 

Information is delivered via brief video clips on the various subjects presented and the opportunity is provided for young people to comment and join the discussion of the issues.

What's the Real Deal? Responsible Gambling Education Kit

This package is designed to assist teachers educate young people about about the risks and potential problems associated with gambling, supporting students to make informed choices and identify warning signs of problem gambling in themselves and others.


Consumer Affairs Victoria - Responsible Gambling: Building Resilience for Young Learners

The Consumer Education in Schools (CEIS) program encourages young people to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to make informed decisions as they deal with consumer issues. This resource aims to help young people build resilience around gambling and its impacts, together with developing responsible behaviours and attitudes.

Love the Game, Not the Odds: School Education Program

Provided by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, the School Education Program is a free prevention initiative that supports secondary school communities to foster healthy and informed attitudes to gambling.  The School Education Program offers:  free face-to-face information sessions for teachers, parents and students; units of work aligned with curriculum objectives across multiple subjects, and useful resources for parents.

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation: Young People and Gambling

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation's website provides information and resources specifically designed for parents, schools and sporting clubs, including details of the educational programs provided by the Foundation.


Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies

The ACYS website provides a snapshot of youth gambling statistics and information.  For more information visit the site.

Children and Gambling Watch List

The Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) provide a list of apps/games and information about any gambling themed content.  The Children and Gambling Watch List is a part of the Know Before You Load project funded by the Attorney General’s Department of South Australia. 

More information on the Children and Gambling Watch List is available via the link provided.